‘Operation Boo’ Targets Offenders

Well tonight’s the night for walking around and asking for candy, and as we all know there are some major creeps out there. But don’t worry, Sacramento’s on the case. The article is short enough, I’m just going to post it in its entirety:

Law enforcement officials are hitting the streets to keep children safe from sex offenders on Halloween.

“Operation Boo” will put parole officers out among the trick-or-treaters, knocking on doors and checking up on high-risk registered sex offenders, who have been warned to turn off their lights and not answer the door on Halloween.

“We physically go to the home and knock on the door … to see if they are complying with that. If they answer the door we have a problem we have to deal with,” state parole administrator Rick Burrows said.

Some parents said it is comforting to hear that agents will be on the streets.

“So, if a sex offender were to open the door and try to get my child in the house, they wouldn’t be able to. The best measure is for parents to be active on Halloween with their children,” parent Tuesday Airola said.

Where to start? Since these offenders are definitely able to follow society’s rules, why not just make it up to them not to do something that is perfectly legal, like answering the door for any reason. Second, I’m not sure how paragraph three will work.

How are they going to comply with the commands of an officer of the law…who is asking them to respond to a doorbell…when they’re not supposed to answer the door? If they answer the summons of a parole officer, “we have a problem we have to deal with”? That sounds like it’s backwards to me.

And then let’s deconstruct that last quote, shall we? I’ll paraphrase: If a weirdo were to open his door and try to take my child, they would not be able to do so. I’m sure that sentence could make sense with a few different modifiers in there to get the subjunctive case just right, or maybe just throw the phrase “as it were” in there.

To me, this just seems like a city that has no frickin clue how to handle this problem. It sounds like the way I would come up with a way to fix the sink that would entail going without water and power for a month, to which my wife would simply point out the inconvenience of such a plan. Where is Sacramento’s wife when you need her?

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5 thoughts on “‘Operation Boo’ Targets Offenders”

  1. I laughed out loud when I first read this in the Bee and I laughed even harder after getting your view of it. I think we should spend the evening doorbell ditching these people just to freak ’em out.


  2. I sure hope “Operation Boo” doesn’t get confused with the “Boo-gram” thing. I’d hate to see folks in every neighborhood placing “Boo-grams” on all the sex offender’s front doors as a secret way to notify trick or treaters not to go there.


  3. Oh great. We were planning to leave our light off and not answer for trick or treaters because on our block the weirdos seem to be the ones who are out and about wandering around, but now everyone’s going to think one of us is a registered sex offender. What is one to do in this crazy mixed up world? This is such a ridiculous plan I can’t believe it. Why don’t parents just, I don’t know, supervise their kids and avoid houses that are a) creepy or b) on the Megan’s law registry?


  4. you give us a laugh, but then you make us think as well. it’s very common when the whole family goes out for tricks and/or treats to make the house dark to make it obvious from the street “hey we ain’t home, go beg for candy somewheres else.” a whole city full of offenders!!


  5. Misguided law enforcement, substandard journalists … come on Sacramento! We’re never going to be an A-list city with these standards.


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