Bridges (?) on the River

“Bridges on the River” certainly sounds nicer than “Overpasses on the River” – but if the sight of an old highway’s underbelly doesn’t fit into your idea of a delightful culinary experience, I suggest you pick your table strategically. If you’re headed to the bar (and my focus at sacrag is bar experiences, not full-blown restaurant reviews), then you’re pretty much safe from the view of Highway 80, unless you’re by the big window at the far end.

Bridges has a good wine list, full bar and a fabulous food offerings. I hear the froglegs are the best appetizer, but my fellow cocktailers were too chicken (yeah, pun intended) to try them. Bridges is a converted mansion – each room is different, and the bar is no exception. Its warm, casual atmosphere is quite a contrast from the elegant foyer entrance and upscale manicured grounds.

Bridges’ location (way out on Garden Highway) probably limits its potential patronage – especially those looking for just drinks and apps. I do hope that more Sacramentans discover that Bridges is a great find, not too far from downtown. And especially that my fellow Natomas-dwellers realize an escape from stripmall eatery hell is not that far from home.

One thought on “Bridges (?) on the River”

  1. Recently I had the pleasure of hosting a company dinner for 20 guests at Bridges on the River, and I could not have been happier with the location, the food and the service.
    The staff was great in helping me choose among their private rooms for the dinner, and was a great help in helping me select the evening’s menu.
    On the night of the dinner the staff offered a warm greeting to my guests as they arrived, and directed them into the bar for hosted drinks prior to the dinner. At the agreed upon time the hostess announced that appetizers were served in our private room, and we moved upstairs.
    Two waiters were assigned to our group, and offered impeccable yet un-obtrusive service throughout the dinner (the type of service where the food magically appears in front of everyone at the same time, without the servers calling attention to themselves and interrupting the conversation).
    All of the food was phenomenal both in it’s presentation and taste; and the serving sizes were perfect (you’ll go away very full, and very happy). I was surprised to hear the room go from loud conversations to absolutely silent as the salads were brought out, with guest commenting on how it was the best salad they had ever had (yes, I too was surprised to find that folks got excited about a good salad).
    The room again descended into silence as the main courses were served. We offered our guests a choice of baked chicken, peppered steak and salmon, all of which were perfectly prepared. The waiters even accommodated a last minute special request for a desert of crème brulee from two of our guests instead of the deserts we had selected.
    It was the best meal and the best service that I’ve had in years.
    The bottom line? I would highly recommend Bridges on the River for a romantic dinner or a special occasion; or anytime that you’d like to have a nice dinner without interruption.


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