Take that, evil donut empire

To get everybody in the mood for irresponsible eating, I’d like to bring your attention to this story about a hole in the wall donut shop at Watt & Arden staying put while the Krispy Kreme next door closes its doors.

I have always felt that the Krispy Kreme Emperor’s new clothes were nonexistent. When I call up the image of “Donut” in my mind, what I picture is what Mike Teselle is holding up in the KCRA video clip, not that teeny undercooked runt of a pastry. Looks like I was not alone in this, as the little guy clearly triumphed here.

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “Take that, evil donut empire”

  1. It’s really not too surprising, really, since Krispy Kreme’s entire business strategy was full of holes.


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