Noriyuki “Pat” Morita Passes Away

The Sac Rag sends its condolences to the family of former Sacramento resident Noriyuki “Pat” Morita who died of natural causes yesterday.

After the war ended and the internees were released, there were many more hard years. Eventually the family resettled in Sacramento and opened a restaurant. It was called the “Ariake Chop Suey” (after the area in Japan where Morita’s father was born). They served Chinese food in apredominately black section of town. Morita and his father worked 14-hour-days in the kitchen and his mother, aunties and cousins served the food.

Does anyone know more about this restaurant and where exactly it was located?

UPDATE: It was on Fourth Street.

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  1. I believe that he owned Al’s Diner for a while. Potsie and Richie and the gang had some good times at that place…


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