Re: No place like home

I’m always late on the game in posting News & Review linkage. From last week’s, here is a list from the guy from Retrocrush (Probably NSFW) of the 10 most annoying things about Sacramento.

And there’s the cover story, too, about other Sacramentos in the USA. Apparently in Sacramento, PA they call it “SOCK-ruh-MEN-dough” which, not to pile on “AD,” reminds me of the time Maeby tells her parents she’s on a field trip to Sacramende.

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

3 thoughts on “Re: No place like home”

  1. May we add to the annoying things about Sacramento list? If so, I offer:

    – Radio ads for Paul Blanco’s Chevrolet on Florin Road with the kids spouting out the phone number. It must work, because I’ll never forget 1-866-TOP-DEAL!

    – Radio ads for Colusa Casino (“It’s all about YOU at Colusa Casino-Resort.”)


  2. Is friendship REALLY the largest jackpot at the Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel?

    Just once I’d love to witness a handsome couple in their 40’s laughing and carrying on as they, together, pull the handle on a slot machine while their neighboring slot players look on in glee.


  3. Have you noticed in the Jackson Rancheria casino ads that the woman at the end of the commercial falls into/tosses up a pile of money that consists SOLELY of $1 bills?? At least throw in some wampum or something.


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