East Sac haunts in stages of undress

Driving up Folsom Blvd just now I noticed two East Sacramento establishments in some sort of flux… the Hospice Thrift store seems to be closing up shop or moving, or perhaps just the awning is out for cleaning. Seems like if they were moving there would be a “We’re Moving” sign. The second storefront with something strange afoot is the Hilltop bar, which kind of looked like there might have been water damage inside. Anybody have any gossip?

Author: CoolDMZ

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3 thoughts on “East Sac haunts in stages of undress”

  1. In a Rubicon-like move, the Hilltop was bought by long time friends of the owners. I think they had a secret New Year’s Eve party to celebrate the ownership change. I have no idea if they have any renovation plans.


  2. The Hospice Thrift store is closing temporarily for renovation of some kind. I found this out the hard way: I went looking for an umbrella and they had put away everything except the women’s clothing. arrghh.


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