Every body knows (our) name

The E. K. McClatchy branch of the Sacramento Public Library might be one of my favorite places in town. Located in a former (I want to say Georgian?) mansion in the Poverty Ridge neighborhood, it is a drafty old house full of books. It’s small, so you can’t do research there like you can at the Central branch or anything, and chances are they Won’t Have It, but if you’re down for browsing or you need a dozen books for your 3 year old every week it’s top notch.

Well, it got better yesterday when we got a call from the branch librarian, Joanne, to inform us that said 3 year old had left behind an important piece of plastic jewelry. We’ve become noted regulars!

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9 thoughts on “Every body knows (our) name”

  1. May I also add that it’s a perfect place to study for the bar exam, because you won’t find any other stressed out law students there and the librarians are so used to dealing with little children that they kind of baby you through your anxiety. They also used to have a cat there – don’t know if that’s still true. Very sweet!


  2. I love that library! I was afraid when I saw your post that you were going to say that the city of Sacramento was going to bulldoze it, or close it or something. What are their hours?


  3. Joanne just called us again to say that said 3 year old left a hat there last night. By the way I think “said 3 year old” should be her new nickname.


  4. Does anyone from Sacramento remember another branch of the library in the downtown area besides the Central library? It was red brick and had a large lawn area all around it, probably dated from around the turn of the century?


  5. You don’t mean the one at Clunie Hall in McKinley Park, do you? That’s not technically “downtown,” but it sounds like what you’re describing.


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