The New Corner Store

For those of you Arden/Arcaders, I know you can’t wait for the newly built retail location on the corner of Fulton and Munroe to fill out. A Unocal station was abandoned years ago at the same spot and was torn down last year so that a basic stucco 4-business strip could be erected. Already, we have two storefronts moving in, one is La Bocca coffee and tea. I, for one, and ecstatic that we’re finally getting some coffee in the neighborhood. The Peet’s and Java City across the street and the two Starbucks less than 1/8th of a mile away are just taking up space. Good planning, La Bocca, the only area more saurated with coffee is Juan Valdez’s outhouse.

Oh yeah, the other store soon moving in, a Verizon cell phone store. Thank god! The three cell phone stores also within 1/8th of a mile were far too inconvenient for us. Is this just bad planning, or is this our new version of the “Corner Store?” Do we need coffee, cell phones and nail salons on every corner? Is each so geographically different and neighborhood specific that we need these services on every corner? I posit that in our suburban, car-centric culture, we are supersaturated with these types of services while we are totally deficient in the following: delis, bar/lounges (open for lunch/dinner, pub-style), men’s clothiers, parking, social clubs and a place where you can buy cards, flowers, gift cards and have a gift wrapped in under 10 minutes. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “The New Corner Store”

  1. because talking to dudes who work at cell phone stores and/or kiosks is always such a great experience. especially when they stop fiddling with their own cell phones long enough to listen to you for long enough to tell you they can’t help you.


  2. I also enjoy the oh-so-familiar lettering of the new coffee house. Come on, people, take a risk.

    My goal with that area though is to have this new corner lot generate enough traffic and publicity to warrant the updating of the “Now Playing” windows at the Blockbuster store across the street.

    I think it’s time to take down “Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy” and “Ladder 49”.


  3. Spot on. I think it took them 2 years to take down the “Cheaper by the Dozen” poster.


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