What are you, yellow?

Sacramento County has adopted a variation of the restaurant rating system used in Southern California. Rather than assigning a letter grade to each restaurant, either a red, yellow, or green card will be handed out for display.

Some officials had concerns that while customers will understand the green and red cards, yellow may be too vague and that not enough information will be available about the restaurant’s health issues.

You think? I’m all for inspections and government involvement in the food service industry, but I have to side with the restaurant owners on this one. Doesn’t it seem that a yellow card could falsely label a place unsafe? Currently we have the option to view all the infractions a restaurant received during their inspection and make our own conclusions before deciding to purchase food.

While the restaurant association has said that it is not opposed to the new rating system, I have to wonder as a customer what sort of impact this will have on our city. Sac-eats, will you not try a yellow carded Fish & Chips dive? SinghCity, what if our beloved La Fiesta has a tarjeta amarilla hung on its door?

Author: RonTopofIt

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3 thoughts on “What are you, yellow?”

  1. While consumers might treat a yellow like a red card, I think think the system is more for the vendor than it is for the consumer. They’re just using the publicity created by the cards as a motivator for the vendors to straighten up their act.

    So, while a yellow rating says things are messed up, it also says that it’s not so bad that they need to shut the place down. It gives the restaurant owner the opportunity to fix things in their restaurant to get a green.

    My own worry is that the red/yellow/green rating system is going to get confused with the now hardly used terror alert levels. Especially come election time.

    As for La Fiesta, that place could be carded red, and I’d still go there.



  2. Donde esta La Fiesta? What should we order? When is the best time to go to avoid a lunch rush?


  3. Although I’m all for a rating system, I’d like it to be more specific. I just had lunch at Taco Loco after avoiding it for about a year because it kept going downhill quality wise. As I was leaving, something white caught my eye. Behind a giant potted plant, taped at about waist level was their most recent health inspection. I had to scoot behind the tree to read it and what did it say? Rancid sour cream. I think the specific issue should be on the sign. The next time I walk by Taco Loco I want to see a giant “RANCID SOUR CREAM” sign in their window.


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