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An anonymous tipper reminded me that I left off the end of his, err I mean Graswich’s bit about Nájera the other day. This was an oversight on my part, because to my mind it is likewise worthy of snark:

Albert wants to study why young people join gangs and turn violent. “Why is the key,” he said. …

Ooh yes, let’s cozy up to the fireplace with some port and dive into the academics of the situation. “Please ignore the fact that I just told you the murder rate is up, I have some major studying to do.” Sac-eats, there’s your “sensitive” PoPo man. While I do appreciate the need to turn around gang recruitment numbers, I’d like to ask why this is such an important factor to study, if the public is not meant to worry about gang murder?

I’m getting the feeling that folks appreciate a police chief who doesn’t want to “use crime stats as a scare tactic.” This is ludicrous to me. Why are the only options to cite crime statistics and thereby scare the citizens, or ignore crime statistics and examine our feelings? If your job is to protect and serve the citizens of a community, shouldn’t you find a way to own up to the crime statistics and use them to level with the citizens? Isn’t it clear to everybody that when a Police Chief downplays crime stats it’s not because otherwise he’d be scaring the citizens, it’s because the citizens should rightly be scared that he has no clue what he’s doing or how to make a dent in those numbers? If you’re not scared after the murder spree we’ve seen since Friday you’ve got your head in the sand.

A Police Chief who wants to ignore murders by gang members but also spend his time “studying” why gang members are created is not being honest with the people he is sworn to serve.

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5 thoughts on “More on Nájera”

  1. I agree. An aggressive anti-crime attitude is not too much to ask of a police chief. And anyway haven’t there been like a million studies already on why kids join gangs, etc? Can’t he just skim one of those and get on with it? I think somebody’s a little too burnt out to do his job.


  2. Now if only the Sacramento Bee had the journalistic integrity to ask these questions instead of giving Najera an ego massage…


  3. That’s it, I’m slapping my “Paul & Jen for Co-Police Chief” sticker on my ride right now.


  4. From now on I’m only going to take into account murders in which I am the victim, because otherwise it’s just scare tactics.

    My preliminary analysis is that zero murders have ever taken place in the history of recorded time!


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