Shhhhh…Don’t Speak

A coworker actually just said, without irony or self-awareness, “Hot enough for ya’?”

This phrase, outside of Antarctica, really lacks the punch it did 500 years ago. Especially in a town known for heat, we should really shy away from it. Don’t you think?

There are enough bosses, family members and complete strangers who solidly fill the “Having-Fun-Yet-Not-If-I-See-You-First” school of humor crowding our daily lives. Aren’t there?

It’s ok to think those folksy heat comments about whores and churches and frying eggs and hell and the devil, but it’s really better if you keep them in your head for now. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Shhhhh…Don’t Speak”

  1. Can I also please add the “It’s 5:00 somewhere/TGIF/Happy Friday” category as well? Unless of course those phrases are somehow combined as in “Thank those egg-frying whores at church it’s Friday.” I think that would be acceptable.


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