The Maloofs like losing

Racehorses, it has been said, are the perfect sports franchise. They always try their best, they don’t shoot their mouth off and they never renegotiate their contracts. Maybe that’s why the Maloofs dipped a toe into horse-racing, with a 5-year-old colt named King Palm.

The horse is something special: He can’t win, and he has nine straight second-place finishes. From the Bloodhorse online:

The streak is believed to be a Thoroughbred record, but no one seems to know for sure.

“I don’t know anyone who keeps track of seconds,” said trainer Vladimir Cerin, who has never seen anything like it in his 27 years of conditioning.

“It’s actually easier to win nine in a row – if you have a really good horse – than finish second nine times like that,” he added. “You have to beat everybody else except one horse each race. We’re trying to win every time, but something always seems to happen.”

The Maloof brothers – George Jr., Joe, Gavin and Phil – see the irony that King Palm has the same bridesmaid tendencies as their NBA franchise. The Kings are perennial playoff contenders without a crown.

“It’s hilarious,” Gavin Maloof said. “It’s the only time I’ve ever been happy about finishing second in my life. Everybody into racing knows our horse.”

4 thoughts on “The Maloofs like losing”

  1. Does this mean that if we defeat the arena thing and the Kings move, that maybe we’ll build a racetrack for the Maloofs? Heh!


  2. and remember: even if we pass the arena thing, they can still decide to build a $600mil horsetrack instead of an arena!


  3. “Among the more unusual items in the development agreement is Magna’s commitment to make Dixon Downs an environmentally friendly “green” business with sustainable energy conservation, clean fuel vehicles, and on-site recycling.”

    Hey, Magna, keep your unusual items out of our city!


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