Flood protection bill goes down in Committee

So the CA Assembly voted down a big flood protection bill. I guess that’s even more reason to build a bigger arena…where else are we going to congregate when the levees break!

That’s right, I just Raised a Spectre. If I can’t simply argue that a backroom deal involving a tax increase that disproportionately hurts poor people and offers only a non-binding promise of a downtown sports arena is a bad idea I’m not afraid of going the fear route. I did notice something interesting in the Bee’s report about the failed flood bill:

[Bill sponsor Assemblywoman Lois] Wolk ultimately concluded it was better to do nothing and tackle the issue next year, than to do the wrong thing and pretend the issue was solved.

Interesting approach! When you’ve got a package of hastily slapped together legislation that you’re worried won’t get the job done, it’s nice to know you can just wait til next year, even if the bill involves improving a public facility or work that many say is inadequate to future needs. Who knew!?

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  1. I wonder if the legislation coming out of the capital would be better if the legislators were able to tear themsleves away from fundraising long enough to actually legislate.


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