I don’t feel savvy…

If you missed today’s Scene section, yours truly got a mention by Sam McManis in his “Media Savvy” column on declining air time for sports in local news.

Viewers are noticing, too. Don Zacharias, a sports fan and avid TV watcher, recently ranted about the “suckification” of local TV sports coverage on his local blog, Sacrag.com.

“It’s the way the new guys are being used,” he wrote in a posting, “… doing stupid on-the-spot reporting from behind the wheel of a race car, stuff like that which smacks of media contracts and PR.”

I thought that was a terrible sentence when I wrote it and I still think it. But there I am. His reporting on the airtime breakdown between Crandell’s Fox40 sportscast and whatever Keith Norton is doing at KOVR is clutch.

Author: CoolDMZ

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  1. Seeing “suckification” in print made me chortle on my oatmeal this morning — we need to see that more often!


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