Ok, admittedly “Fins” sounds like the name of some aquatic strip bar, but it’s truly a gem in the the Sacramento foodscape. (Did I just coin a phrase?) Fins has been around for years, with one location in Fair Oaks; however, not too many people were willing to hoof it out to the exburbs to buy fresh fish. ( I checked Google and it looks like “foodscape” has already been used. As well as “exburbs.” Dammit!) So Fins owners, Ed and Darcy Jayousi, decided to expand, opening two new locations that would increase their “fishpire” across the wide Sacramento “foodaspora.” (I’m really trying here.)

The two new locations are at the corner Fair Oaks Blvd and Munroe, across the street from my local Peet’s coffee, and at 19th and S St (soon to be open). Since both of these locations are near my home and my workplace, respectively, I can only imagine that Ed and Darcy were trying to curry favor with me. Job well done, Jayousis. I’m hooked.

The lovely Mrs. Eats and I went over to the new FO Blvd Fins for a casual dinner last week and were both very pleased with what we got for our money. I went for a grilled catfish and the missus went for jumbo scallops. Both of our dinners were served with superior coleslaw and garlic cheddar mashed potatoes. Service was casual, as was the ambience, but the prices were a little higher than most casual eateries. Fish dishes varied from $14-$20, but there were several sandwich and fried fish plates priced under $10, so the cost of the evening is really up to you. We used a coupon that gave us half off one entree (check the Sunday Ticket in the Bee), so the bill came to $28 for the two of us (no beer and wine license yet, so this is without drinks).

Anyhoo, I haven’t yet tried their fish market offerings yet, nor have I tried their fish ‘n chips, so the verdict is still out, but for now, I’m a fan of Fins, or, to coin a phrase, a “Finatic.” (Eat that wikipedia.)

Fins Fish Market
Food *** Ambience *** Service **

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  1. At first they had a Scott’s Seafood sign at that location (19th andd S) but I haven’t seen it recently. Are they the same business?


  2. I haven’t seen the Scott’s sign up at S St, but I know for sure that Fins is going into the Safeway center. The new Scott’s will be going up on the river near Land Park close to Riverside Blvd.


  3. In the Safeway center? Hmmm, we might have dueling fish places. The place I’m talking about is accross the street where the old copy place was. We’ll see.


  4. Thanks for the review. Did you check out the market section? I’m more curious about that than anything. Taylor’s is the only place around me that has good fish, but they’re pricey and inconsistent

    where did you see a Scott’s sign???

    the NW corner of 19th and S Streets, on the same block as Safeway will be a Daphnes and “Chipotle-like” chain burrito place. There is some room for a third tenant, but it has not been decided. yay.

    Across the street on the NE corner is where Fins is going. It’s the one under construction right now. Also next door to Fins is a future wine bar called Bacchus


  5. Good call TD. I saw the sign for the future Fins on the NE corner just today. I stand corrected. A new Scott’s is going in on Riverside Blvd in the “Little Pocket” neighborhood, but as far as I know, no plans to put one in the greater “Ice Factory District.” (I’m totally coining that.)


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