Coach Eric Musselman charged with DUI

Eric Musselman, drunk driverKings head coach Eric Musselman was picked up by CHP at 2:15 a.m. Saturday and blew a 0.11 bac. He spent a few hours in county jail and was released early this morning, and will have to make a court date in November. He was picked up on K St., so I like to think of him driving like a maniac down the mall, but I suppose a DUI would be the least of your worries then…

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3 thoughts on “Coach Eric Musselman charged with DUI”

  1. Here we go:

    Virga said he needed more time to look into the case, including checking whether the Breathalyzer unit used on Musselman was properly calibrated.

    But you made a public apology for driving while intoxicated, hmmm.


  2. Here we go, again:

    Musselman wore an ankle monitor and served his home detention from Feb. 5 to Feb. 7, officials said. Under terms of the program, he was allowed to go to work.

    Man, poor thing. I serve home detention myself quite regularly…I just call it “the weekend”.


  3. Reading the article explaining his “pre-existing medical condition” excused him from jail time leads me to believe his “condition” is a sore back from carrying around a wallet full of cash in his back pocket.


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