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David SedarisNot that I, you know, go out and do stuff or anything, but I noted that The Crest added a second show of humorist David Sedaris on October 29 because the previous night had sold out.

Which reminds me that it’s always important to check on the calendars of the various Borders and Barnes & Noble outlets because although most of the time it’s Hawaiian music (nothing against slack key, but it’s true) sometimes you get something out of the ordinary, such as the David Sedaris live reading/book signing I recall missing out on a few years ago.

So here are a couple of links for bookstore event information:

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  1. Ah yes, David Sedaris. Saw him last year at the Crest and it was a wonderful evening of merriment. He was even kind enough to sign my copy of the Communist Manifesto. (Side note: The Crest Cafe continues its decline in the quality of food offered and is not really the best place to grab a meal before a Crest related event. I advise choosing other spots for dinner.)


  2. This Saturday’s show is my culminating weekend experience. I have waited in anticipation for this for MONTHS! My excitement actually has me walking around my office today bragging about it, getting no work done (Ok so the fact that our network is down has also contributed, but I like to think my super-fan status has made me disregard my actual work ethic momentarily). Anyway, it was nice to see that others are excited also! I know, I’m a nerd. Someone actually just walked by my cubicle and told me that nerd musk was emanating…


  3. Hollywould — it is SO not dorky to be super excited about the lecture. Having seen the man twice here in Sac in the past couple years, I can attest that you have every right to be bragging to everyone. The people who worry me are the ones who would ask, “WHO?” when you tell them where you’re going.

    He always writes creative sentiments when autographing books. He wrote, “There is no substitute for good breeding” in my “Me Talk Pretty One Day” book a few years ago and drew a Jack-O-Lantern in another book last year.

    STC did a theatrical presentation of his “Holidays On Ice” a couple years ago & that was brilliant.

    Should you ever get the opportunity to see Ira Glass in person, be sure to check him out too.


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