Family style eats at Giusti’s Place

Giusti's Place
Casual family dining
at Giusti’s Place

My sister was married last weekend in the romantic Sacramento river delta. As part of the weekend festivities a big group of us headed over to Giusti’s Place, a family-run restaurant on the river in Walnut Grove that has been serving casual family-style Italian since 1910, making it the oldest bar and restaurant on the delta. Giusti’s is located in a rickety, cobbled together building propped up on a riverbank, and the atmosphere inside is of your typical bar and grill. The bar’s notable feature is that the ceiling is covered with hats (and apparently the inside is covered with cool dudes).

The menu was full of delicious entrees, each of which is served family style with a giant bowl of minestrone (excellent, but hard to keep piping hot) and bread (nice crusty ciabatta) and salad and antipasto (garbanzo and kidney beans and some salami; not exactly a full sampling but a great addition). I had the veal, a giant, tender breaded cutlet smothered in a tasty brown wine sauce (not Marsala — no shrooms). I sampled the alfredo pasta which was good and garlicky, and the tasty snapper. There were steaks on the menu too, and plenty of nightly seafood specials. The menu is really complete and makes it a great destination. I didn’t have any wine but it seemed like the selection was small but perfect for that kind of atmosphere.

The website is a hoot, too — for a place that serves family dining its photos tell a different story. Like the caption that reads “If your Wife calls and your (sic) not here, . . You tell her!” Check out picture of Dusty Baker with the owner, and some great shots of the bar, but sadly no pictures of the tasty veal. Feel free to click on the picture that says Don’t Click, I’m not sure what’s going on there.

If you’re like me and you love driving down through the delta towns, check out Giusti’s for a great atmosphere and a really hearty meal. If you’re on a boat it looks like you can land there and hop out for a cocktail or a rib eye (or both). CoolDMZ and his humongous extended family sez check it out.

Giusti’s Place
Walnut Grove Ca 95690

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  1. Congratulations, em dash! May you and your beloved have a lifetime of happiness! Any photos you can post of the blessed event? I am truly happy for you, as I love other people (unlike others on this site, apparently.)


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