That’s some good fiddling, Heather Fargo

What, me worry?
Mayor and buyers celebrate railyard sale

A telling quote from Mayor Fargo in the Bee’s report today on the railyard sale:

“I never thought I’d be spending most of my political career on this site,” Fargo said of her longtime role as railyard booster.

With 59 murders in Sacramento this year, easily the highest total in a decade, including at least 3 in the last week, along with other horrible stories of assaults, unidentified bodies turning up almost daily, and gunfire at the entrance to Arden Fair (that’s just this week), really, what else could she be remembered for? I bet you a Sac Rag t-shirt we bust through 60 by the end of the year.

Also, and I’m sure I just ignored this before, but I read in that article that part of the plans for the newly acquired property (once its Superfund status is removed, of course) is a railroad technology museum. Yes, a railroad museum…now where have I heard of one of those before?

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16 thoughts on “That’s some good fiddling, Heather Fargo”

  1. “With new urban plazas and residences, with new shops, with offices it’s going to be wonderful and today kind of like a dream come true,” Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo said.” (link)

    “We are going to be offering free daily parking for those people who will bring their ticket back if they’re one of the daily riders. We will have a person on site. There will be customer service. It will be well maintained, and people should be happier,” Fargo said. (link)


  2. I have no feelings pro or anti Fargo, but shootings at Arden Fair and murders in south Sac (county) are outside of the mayor’s jurisdiction. She is the Mayor of the City of Sac not the unicorporated areas.


  3. Jeff: Do you dispute the math behind the murder count? I did not make up the number 59 nor the fact that it is the highest total since the early 90s.

    Also, my map (by mine I mean the actual map) says Arden Fair is in the city limits. I never said anything about Sac County in the south area, so you must be implying that I mistakenly counted a murder in that area as one of the 3 murders last week. My batteries.

    Do you really not think the mayor has anything at stake in the quality of life six inches outside the limits of her jurisdiction? Here’s an idea: let’s take that $600 million for an arena and pay 6000 city-dwelling gang members $100,000 each to move to the unincorporated county. Biggest crime stopping plan in history!

    Maybe my humor, snark as I call it, just fell flat for you. If that’s the case, my batteries.


  4. wine and games!

    City should be at least somewhat interested, and protect the City from State bureaucrats who could give a rip,

    let them build a Colosseum to subdue the masses…


  5. To clarify your comment on the Railroad Technology Museum, this has been planned and in progress for quite some time. The part of the Sacramento City Shops closest to the Railroad Museum is what will be converted into the Tech Museum. When the Tech Museum opens, you will actually be able to witness equipment restoration in progress. It’s really quite an exciting Museum that should attract railroad fans from the world over.

    Like it or not, the Sacramento Shops is a proud part of our history. In its heyday it was the largest industrial complex west of the Mississippi. It is still the oldest. It was also the Central Valley’s biggest employer for 80 years.

    If you want to read more about this project, check go here.


  6. ARGH! No! It’s an expansion of the current museum!

    That’s like saying it’s a stupid idea to build Disney’s California Adventure because it’s right next to Disneyland (please, this was not an invitation to debate the merit of C.A.’s limited rides and overpriced tickets)


  7. this should make it easier, good time kit: it’s a stupid idea to build Disney’s California Adventure because it’s right next to Disneyland.


  8. DMZ: I sense that you’re giving Kit the same feeling I get when trying to teach my mom how to use her digital camera or cell phone.


  9. that might be the case, especially if you’re in the habit of hair splitting every frickin thing your mom says. Like if your mom tries to tell you that the sky is blue because the mayor authorized 7 new malls and you argue that those new malls were on the books years ago. Look it up, mom.


  10. The crux of my argument was not intended to be that the railroad technology museum was on the books long ago, but that it’s an important step in preserving a proud piece of Sacramento history: The Sacramento Shops.


  11. And the crux of mine is that the mayor is an idiot, staking her career on the railyard while crime increases dramatically under her watch. I think our arguments can coexist.


  12. i c this is going to make heather fargo that she is an idiot trying to use taxpayers money on the railyards and it will end up on the short stick’s and the railyards will still be there like it is now. we need to vote for someone who will make better decisions downtown and quit giving these developers money until they can deliver on there end. but as mayor heather fargo never got my vote in any election.


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