L.A. Times takes another shot

Last week, two swipes at Sacramento from the teetering L.A. Times. Today, another. In Bill Dwyre’s column about Florida’s routing of THE Ohio State University last night for the ridiculous no-playoff championship, he manages to mock our admittedly pathetic local Hornets in defending Boise State’s claim on No. 1:

[…] There ought to be a Sacramento State Rule in college football, as in, no team that plays Sacramento State can end up No. 1.

Hmmm. Maybe that rule makes some sense. Boise State didn’t even have to break a sweat, kicking Hornet tail 45-0 in the season opener for both teams. The Hornets lost six more, but I don’t think you can quite call them the closest thing to a gimme in Division I football. After all, they did beat perennial power houses Eastern Washington, Weber State, Northern Colorado and Idaho State. So there.

3 thoughts on “L.A. Times takes another shot”

  1. Yes, there ought to be a complicated series of rules to determine who the #1 team is. If only there were some other way, such as allowing a certain number of teams to play it off. They could take their turns playing each other. Or I don’t know, something, I’m just going off the top of my head here…


  2. Since when did the Sacramento State Rule supercede the Western Carolina Rule? Div 1-AA Sac State finished 4-7 overall (4-4 in Big Sky Conference), whereas Div 1-AA Western Carolina finished 2-9 (Southern Conference – NOT the SEC, btw). Florida rolled over Western Carolina 62-0 while, as mentioned in the Rag article, Boise State stared defeat in the eyes with a 45-0 squeaker over Sac State.

    According to the Dunkel Index, — something that I’ve never heard of before now — Sac State finished the season ranked a respectable 40th in 1-AA while lowly Western Carolina finished a wrist-slittingly 88th.

    I don’t know what my point is. Oh yeah — these fancy big city sports columnist with their steel desks and their corduroy blazers need to quit hating on Sac State. Or was it Boise State?


  3. Yes, but the difference is … Western Carolina was SUPPOSED to be a body-bag game. Sac State was (in theory) an actual opponent.


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