“The Sports Show” cringes out of the gate

Gary Gelfand - The Sports Show
Gary Gelfand, The Sports Show

The only redeeming feature of “The Sports Show,” CBS13’s new half-hour sports show featuring Arran Andersen and Gary Gelfand, is that it occasionally features sports footage. While I originally thought this show had premiered in September (based on reporting of its original launch date on 21Q), I managed to completely by chance catch the premiere broadcast on Friday night. (Hat tip to new reader anaughtymouse)

Let me start with the inexcusable logo, which is either a blatant ripoff of The Man Show’s logo, or a cheap reference to that show’s logo (see what I’m talking about in the lower right corner of the screenshot). Either way, seriously, that’s all you’ve got?

Arran Andersen seems like a competent sports reporter, and his gimmick of jump-cutting from one sport to another–college hoops to NFL to rodeo, mostly with a local angle–might actually work eventually, but for now it is extremely awkward. Props though, on digging up the local sports highlights.

Gary Gelfand’s vox pops coverage–Friday he was covering the scene at a suburban sports bar–is cringe-worthy. He kept pretending that he couldn’t hear Andersen’s toss-backs (I’m making up that word) because it was so loud and crazy, assertions for which he was 0 for 2. It was more of a nacho-poppers and polite bored conversation crowd. He talked to a classic Kings fan who remarked that the Kings were better off when they had newest Detroit Piston Chris Webber, and needed to get him back. (C-Webb is playing for the league minimum in Motown. And that’s debatable anyway.) And then there was a special appearance by Mark S Allen, whose annoyed and combative onscreen persona makes for some of the most uncomfortable local television you’ll ever see.

The fact that this show’s premiere was apparently pushed back from September is belied by the fact that Andersen made frequent reference to the makeshift nature of his reporting set, which consisted of a couch. He made a few on-air requests to viewers to write in and donate a couch. I will go ahead and give him the benefit of the doubt on that one, it must have been a joke.

And then there were in-depth stories on local prep, college, and minor league athletes, including a story on the surging Jesuit Marauders hoops team led by my fellow SHS and Jesuit alum Greg Harcos. And that’s the part that I can’t really snark on, because I loves me some prep sports coverage. (BTW anybody else out there a big “Friday Night Lights” fan? Me and Mrs. Cool can’t get enough. OMG Street is totally going to propose to Lyla tonight I think!!!)

So if you like your local sports coverage choppy with a heaping side of depressing sports bar footage, “The Sports Show” is the sports show for you.

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13 thoughts on ““The Sports Show” cringes out of the gate”

  1. Gary gelfand is Sacramento’s biggest embarrssment. As a former member of KMAX 31 anchor team he was like a combined drunk (mark s Allen) and alleged wife beater (Doug Brauer) just bad news. In a 2005 somber moment for retiring CHP and part time traffic repoter Cpt. Cooper. Gelfand tossed himself into a desk and started to air-swim the breaststroke. like a bad case of herpes. gelfand keeps reappearing.


  2. I can’t weigh in on this issue because it involves my employer.

    What I can weigh in on is the fact that you’ve got BALTAR IN A MOTHEREFFING RESURRECTION TANK!!~!~!@#(!@

    I swear I mentioned that already…


  3. CBS13 and 31 are the worst. They did a report yesterday (“H2 Overdose”) about all the hate email and letters pouring in to 107.9. Simply reporting on a representative sample of those letters’ contents wasn’t enough:

    In order to convey the gravity of the matter, CBS13/31 staged a very dramatic dramatization of how a typical citizen would peruse 107.9’s public file. Apparently, public files are read in a very dark room at a sparsely illuminated desk. According to CBS13/31, when you read public files in a dark public file reading room, there will be a handsome green desk lamp with a convenient on/off pull chain to aid you. And of course, if you are a serious public file reader, you’ll carelessly toss the stack of letters on the desk instead of placing them down in a reasonable manner like a normal person.

    CBS13/31 must be doing really well. How many other stations can afford to have a handsome green desk lamp in their prop closets? How many have so much integrity that they can afford to squander a little bit here and there? You know you can trust CBS13 because, unlike most working moms, Palace Huppie has a dash-mounted camera in her SUV that records her conversation with her children about how Sacramento is such a great town compared to the cold place from which she came.

    Here is a link to the video that contains the handsome green desk lamp:


  4. I didn’t think it was Baltar, I just thought it was a suggestive silouhette… Maybe I need to watch that episode again.


  5. don’t spoil anything for me, i’m firing up Sunday’s on the Tivo in a few minutes.

    here’s where i found the picture, if you want to read up about it. major spoilery tidbits right from the sources, so be warned.


  6. cooldmz: maybe i haven’t “come out” to the sacrag community. i’m a commercial producer/director (i make tv commercials) at norm’s favorite duopoly: cbs13/cw31.

    as for adamant’s comment, no, you couldn’t tell who the glowing member of the final 5 was in sunday’s episode, i was commenting on cooldmz’s icon.


  7. kit: I enjoy CBS13/31’s commercials (except the self-promotional one with Palace Hoopie’s SUV dash cam diary — almost as bad as the one with News10’s Mendonza standing in front of the Tower Bridge challenging their viewers to check out other stations’ broadcasts).


  8. I don’t care. I miss Gary Gelfand being on T.V. He has great energy and maintains a professional demeanor while still being spontaneous and entertaining. It’s like a good friend coming to visit.


  9. nailed it, Proeats. I feel exactly the same way anytime I see a televised clip of Charles Manson. (Note: I have no idea who Gary Gelfand is and have never seen him on the boobtube.)


  10. Gary Gelfand thinks he is Mark S. Allen and tries to do all the goofy things that MSA does (and that don’t work so well for him either). Gary should get a grip and remember he is no spring chicken and stop trying to act like a teenager. Noone believes it but him.


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