Sonoma County road trip 2007

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The Cool family enjoyed a road trip to Napa and Sonoma Counties over the weekend. It solidified my belief that Sonoma County is one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. It helps when you gamble on the weather and it comes up aces. (Thanks a lot, Dirk Verdoorn!)

To the left is a photo of “Train Town,” a great Funderland-type amusement park just down from the Sonoma town center. Train Town has several rides–mostly the classics, including a ferris wheel and a carousel, and a longish train ride–nestled in the Sonoma foothills. It boasts “1/5 the size of Disneyland!” Which sounds fabulous until you realize that about 80% of Train Town is meant only to be looked at from the train ride. On the other hand, the train ride is great fun and includes a stop at a petting zoo that has a llama. So it’s settled then, Train Town is a winner. (More photos on my Flickr.)

The big surprise of the weekend was after Train Town, when we headed out toward Sebastopol and took a detour for Jack London State Historic Park. Now, with Jack London Square and other things in the Bay named for the famous writer, I had no idea that this unassuming state park actually houses the remains of said famous writer. In fact, I had no idea until precisely halfway through our walk, when I learned it from the trail marker. Jack London’s remains consist of his ashes covered with a boulder (by his request).

This is what it looked like for most of the walk:

wine grapes

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  1. DMZ – How Fun!
    My grandmother made a habit of taking all her grandkids to Train Town when we were young and we’d come up to visit her in Sonoma during the summer. I remember it being very cool when I was a kid.
    It seems the Family Cool has some very cute adventures, and I always enjoy reading them. Thanks for the dose of nostalgia in the middle of my very hectic workday!


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