You heard it here first

Back in January of 2006, frequent Sac Rag contributor “Runnergirl” wrote a post about the area’s worst parking lots. Tops on her list was the Natomas Marketplace. And anyone that has ever had the misfortune to shop there has witnessed the Grade A Fuster Cluck (GAFC) that ensues on a daily basis.

Fear not, Sacramento, as the City has listened (probably, maybe) and responded!

The city of Sacramento is taking steps to improve access to Natomas Marketplace, a half-million square foot shopping center with a single main driveway.

Bravo! Now if they could just do something about the drive through line at In & Out Burger (it’s a burger, people, sure it’s good, but it’s a BURGER!).

Author: RonTopofIt

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7 thoughts on “You heard it here first”

  1. Thank God! The city is getting involved. They’ll probably install meters throughout the parking lot and consider their job done.


  2. An one more thing, if you ever call In ‘n’ Out burgers just a burger again, I’ll have to take you down, animal style.


  3. Hopefully they traded the land to Mo Mohanna in return for his downtown property, and he’ll burn it down so they can start over…Natomas is like a case study in how to do exactly everything wrong in city planning. There really is no easy way to get around there–the residential areas are so maze-like and identical you can’t find your way around, the retail component is entirely separate and so big you need a car to get from one end to the other, and they decided to put public transit in last instead of first, which generally means that it’s never going to happen, or, if it does, it costs many times as much because the transit district has to buy city land from unwilling sellers instead of open land. The little pockets of good ideas that planners were able to sneak in (like the alley-loaded neighborhood) are outweighed by a giant wave of crud.


  4. Runnergirl has the POWER. She speaks, and the city listens. Another word from her, and Peets renovates. What next?


  5. Why do I suddenly have that Snap! song, “I’ve Got the Power” going through my head?

    (Actually, I think it’s my ability in pointing out the obvious.)

    It’s gettin’ It’s gettin’ It’s gettin’ kinda hectic..


  6. I think you have that song in your head because it is playing somewhere within earshot almost everywhere you go. Still.


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