Schedule mixup at San Juan

How bad is this San Juan scheduling mix-up? Actually, that’s not a rhetorical question, I still have no idea how this actually happened. The CBS13 story is very vague:

Some principals told students they could come for a shorter day while other students were taking the exit exams but in essence they needed to be there the whole day for the state required classroom minutes to count.

And those shortened days off added up to 4 whole school days at Encina? Wow. I can imagine being pretty pissed if I were a San Juan parent right now. After all, as we all know, all the schools really have to do is babysit the kids for a predetermined amount of time. I kid the everybody…

But seriously, the exit exams are not a new thing, and neither is the “required minutes of instruction” thing. How could things get this bad? Could nobody remember what they did during exit testing last year? Anybody else got a question?

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2 thoughts on “Schedule mixup at San Juan”

  1. Education these days is, really, a joke—that is, until you get into college. Once you get into college, you experience true education, but only because it’s a business (they take your money, and in exchange, you learn).

    Public education, however, fails people every which way. And it’s not even a matter of the teacher’s salary—it’s so much more. For example: students couldn’t pass an exit level test, so instead of teaching the students better, the schools and state decide the best thing to do is get rid of said exam. The lesson? If you’re dumb, we’ll make things easier on you. I see a future where we have more 7-11 clerks than scientists, at least in California.


  2. They are not getting rid of the exit exam. Students who do not pass receive a Certificate of Completion rather than a diploma. Have you actually ever seen the exit exam? Did you know the second language learners and special ed students have to pass the same test?


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