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This is not so much a review as an update.Last year I wrote a simply sashimi-grade review of Scott’s Seafood. Well, that was a year ago and it appears that Catch of the day things have gone downhill. The Eats family has ventured to Scott’s twice in the last two weeks and both times been treated to weak service, ill-prepared foods and Golden State Warriors losses. (Maybe Scott’s didn’t have anything to do with the Warriors losses, but they could have at least tried to box out on Carlos Boozer.) I’m hoping that this downward trend does not spill over to the Oakland and Folsom locations, but the Loehmann’s Plaza restaurant is definitely in a freefall.

Two strikes, Scott. One more, and you’re dead to me.

3 thoughts on “Scott’s Seafood”

  1. I didn’t think the food was bad, per se, on a recent visit, but the incredibly TINY portions were kind of ridiculous, as was the really, really, REALLY mediocre service. I mean, 20 minutes just to get a menu after sitting down? Another 20 to take the order? Raw oysters should take another 15 minutes, yet somehow they did. And the place was 3/4 full, not even packed. So I have to say I really have no idea what’s going on there. It’s too bad, they used to be decent, but I’m not going back. Their prices are about double what they should be for such a crummy dining experience.


  2. I agree with basuraman and moehong.
    Scott’s service is very long and portions short, and you are left thin in the wallet. This has been the case for years, three strikes – you’re out.


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