Suzuki promoted to Oakland

Kurt SuzukiBeloved River Cat Kurt Suzuki is getting a permanent spot in the bigs as a result of yesterday’s trade sending Jason Kendall to the Cubbies. He’ll be behind the plate for Oakland, with Mike Piazza as his backup. Piazza will also resuming his DH duties when he is through with his stint in Sacramento.

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10 thoughts on “Suzuki promoted to Oakland”

  1. We’ve (I’m part of the A’s orginization now) given up the season. Kendall was one of the big reasons that the pitching staff has “matured” so quickly. You can pretty much bet that when a whole staff is outperforming their expectations, a lot of credit goes to the catcher. It looks like the A’s are getting young again. Don’t be surprised to see Crosby, Harden or even Kotsay hit the trading block.


  2. I have Crosby on my fantasy team… I’d be surprised if the Old Sac T-ball A’s would want him at this point…


  3. well i’d love for other fans to chime in too, and most of us would probably say Daric Barton. i also loves me some JJ Furmaniak, and actually getting rid of Crosby would free things up for Oaktown to catch Furmaniak fever…


  4. I can just see it it now, every time Furmaniak comes to the plate, they show Flashdance on the jumbotron and play Fur”Maniac”.


  5. I don’t think Furmaniak can cut it in the big leagues. Sure, he has power, but his fielding is a huge liability (yes, this applies to Crosby, as well, but I’m in the camp that’s abstaining judgment on the Cros till the season ends–though I wouldn’t have him on my fantasy team if I played fantasy).

    That said, Suzuki is a G … and has been relatively successful offensively during his month-long tenure in the 510. He struggles at calling a game, but will learn well from manager Geren, who is a former catcher.

    You’re headline is misleading. It should say “Suzuki promoted IN Oakland,” since he already was called up.


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