Watcha Doin’ This Weekend?

Friday– Dinner with the Sacramento Epicureans at Oz, a wonderful Korean eatery on Bradshaw Road.  No reservations necessary, come on by and join the fun, $25 a head (alcohol not included).  Paulie over at Sac-Eps does a great job organizing these events.  If you’d like to try some adventurous foods and do it in a group setting, come on out and join the Sacramento Epicureans at any of there upcoming events.  Oz, 3343 Bradshaw Rd, Sacramento

Saturday– Hitting up my local farmers market at Watt and El Camino.  And later, heading out to TFO (see comments).

Sunday– The sac-eats/Runnergirl braintrust will make its triumphant return to the Streets of London for Sunday Night Trivia.  Come join us as we sip on English ales and do our best to top the top minds in Sacramento at this weekly test of pointless and not so pointless facts.  Trivia starts at 9pm but get there early unless you like standing.  (Or you can be like Runnergirl and bring your own chairs.)  Streets of London, 1804 J St, Sacramento

3 thoughts on “Watcha Doin’ This Weekend?”

  1. Saturday night is “DEATHRACE 2000” at the Trash Film Orgy, midnight at the Crest…a definite must see for any fan of quality David Carradine films. I’ll be making up my car for the TRASHWOOD DERBY competition in the lobby before the movie starts!


  2. Cool! Guess I know what I’m doing on Sunday night now! I don’t make a habit of bringing my own chair places; it’s not some OCD thing. Since seats are often limited for Pub Quiz, I got in the habit of throwing some compact chairs into the back of my rig before heading to SOL.


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