Damn those mossies!

So I’m reading that four northern counties will undergo aerial spraying for West Nile virus beginning Monday and I couldn’t help but wonder how this came about so quickly.  Then I hop over to sacbee.com and check out an article about two new cases of West Nile being discovered this week.

From the Sac Bee article:

District officials were sharply criticized in 2005 when, during a West Nile epidemic, they began aerial spraying in Sacramento and Yolo counties with little public notice. As a result, the district initiated an intensive awareness campaign to publicize every facet of its mosquito control efforts.

From the News 10 article:

The decision follows Thursday’s announcement that two human cases of the virus have been detected in the county.

Now that’s an intense effort to publicize EVERY facet, huh?

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6 thoughts on “Damn those mossies!”

  1. Seriously, folks.

    The spraying will start Monday night and continue for three days if it’s not too windy. The spray is designed to be safe but experts recommend you do what you can to get away from it

    Right, right. And guns are designed not to kill people unless you are standing in front of one when it goes off.

    “We don’t necessarily recommend that people close windows or turn off their air conditioners but avoid being in the spray,” says Brown.

    Avoid being in the spray that is being dumped on us from the sky? With airplanes? That spray?


  2. i feel you, dawg

    Vector control experts add they can only do so much, you need to use bug spray and get rid of standing water at home.

    “i mean our hands are tied here, we can’t exactly dump bug spray from the sky or anything…”

    (note to any fellow web developer nerds out there… i was not able to use the word “drop” in my comment because “drop word word from” was flagged for possible sql injection!!! on my own site!!!)


  3. If they have to spray, can’t they at least mix in some shit that kills crabgrass? I think that would help get some people on board.


  4. Haha, mossies. Haven’t seen that term used outside of Australia.

    Congrats on the shoutout in the Bee.

    Unfortunately, I think I’m being poisoned right now so hopefully I can finish this pos


  5. Manny, I vote for the crabgrass killer too — or at least spray-on tan or leave-in conditioner.


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