UPDATED AGAIN: Important Follow Up Story…

UPDATED 4:00 pm:  If you weren’t able to hear the live broadcast of “Insight” featuring writers from the Sac Rag today, you can check out the archived audio here.  Listen especially closely for the moment when sac-eats’s and Stickie’s breathing peaks and their hearts stop as Jeffrey Callison says, “I did a search on The Sac Rag and came across the following piece about me…”   You can almost hear Stickie and sac-eats thinking to themselves, “What stupid thing did we say about this fine gentleman that we’re now going to regret for the rest of our lives?”  It’s what live radio is all about.   

The Sac Rag was featured on “Insight,” the local topics show hosted by Jeffrey Callison on KXJZ. 

Insight-90.9 KXJZ, 2-3pm

August 1- “The Writers of The Sac Rag”

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  1. Hey
    Great entertaining interview, boys. I was getting a deep cleaning at the dentist from 2-3 today and heard the whole show. Wonderful PR. Good job!
    Bill S


  2. For the record… I definitely would NOT delete anybody’s post unless they asked me to because they couldn’t log in or something…


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