Watcha Doin’ This Weekend?

Sorry for the lapse in entertainment recommendations last weekend.  We hope to make it up to you with a prime time, Sacramento-sized deep fried bucket of weekend entertainment:

FRIDAY– Perhaps the greatest musician to come out of Berkeley High School, and a former Sacramento resident, Charlie Hunter and his ultra funky 8-string guitar (that’s 3 strings of bass and 5 strings of guitar for those keeping score at home) will be performing with his trio tonight at Marilyn’s on K St.  I’ve personally seen Charlie dozens of times, from his formative gigs in Bay Area clubs to his more polished later group outings.  He is one of the most popular figures on the jazz scene and only comes to Sacramento once every two or three years.  Check him out.  Buy tix here.

SATURDAY– (from Runnergirl) If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to run up what people ski down, here’s your chance this Saturday.  It’s the Squaw Mountain Run and it’s a 3.6 mile jaunt up from the valley floor to the Escarpment. At the top, participants will enjoy music, food, beer, and raffles.  The less energetic can take the cable car to the top of the mountain and take part in a three mile “flower walk.” This is also the first few miles of the Western States course, and the views of Lake Tahoe are amazing.

I’d do the Squaw event, but I’m saving my running dollars for next weekend’s 12 Hours at Cool Night Run, timed to coincide with the Perseids meteor shower .  The race is a nine mile loop, and the more serious of the runners will see who can complete the most laps between 7pm Saturday until 7am Sunday.  I’m likely just going to do three easy laps, then spend some quality time in a lawn chair watching the stars.  This will be my first post-injury official running event in several months, so I’ve got to take it easy. Spots are still available, but you need to register today if you’re interested.
Drop me a line at runnergirl1971 at gmail dot com with any questions.

SUNDAY– Since it’s supposed to be in the mid 80’s most of the day Sunday, we’ll probably just sit in the backyard, maybe grill up some steaks and eat some peaches.  It definitely won’t be a day you want to spend indoors.

8 thoughts on “Watcha Doin’ This Weekend?”

  1. Just thought I’d give a nod to the virtuosos of Rock coming Saturday night to Marysville. Since Rush is over 30 years old, the attendees tend to be older and, in fact, many of the younger attendees are children arriving with their parents. It’s actually quite a nifty crowd. Unlike like Motely Crew where buxom girls reveal their ample bosoms, people tend to remain fully clothed through the entire concert.


  2. don’t forget Jackpot tonight at the park and old ironsides. Old i is sure to be packed so get there on time, or early if you want to get your drink on ’cause the bar is packed during the show.


  3. Old I is a great place to see Jackpot because Rusty is 9 feet tall so his head touches the ceiling.

    Warpkor, did you attend the Counterparts concert in 1993 at Arco?


  4. And for us losers that stay at home on the weekends..the TV show Human Weapon is on tonight. For some reason it draws you in.


  5. Hey Cool, yup I was there. Ah, good times. I’ve been attending Rush concerts since Power Windows back in ’85 at the Cow Palace.


  6. We have our Coexist? Comedy tour launching this weekend.

    A Muslim, a Christian, A Hindu, an Atheist and a Jew all performing on the same bill and not killing each other (we hope.)

    See if you’re interested in checking it out.

    We’re heading to Santa Monica, Hollywood, SF and then up north after we finish up here, so send us off with much enthusiasm and gas money.


  7. KLJ, do you mean next weekend? According to your website, you’re up Aug 10 & 11 at the Geery.


  8. Oh, um, well, er, I’m gonna do a private show this weekend, just for my houseplants. OKAY BYE. . .

    Man, I’m really dorky. Tee hee. Yeah, next weekend. Sorry.


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