Food TV arrest in Vacaville

Not a Plasma TVSo news that happens in Vacaville is nearly out of the border for SacRag reporting, but this is too tasty of a story to pass up.

Vacaville police are warning residents to be cautious of electronic scams that have been occurring in the area after a man was arrested attempting to pass off shrink-wrapped oven doors as state-of-the-art plasma HDTVs. Apparently, authorities were alerted after a frugal shopper discovered that the “high-definition television” being sold out of the back of a blue Integra was not, as advertised, “the deal of the century.”

Also featured for won’t-be-undersold prices: Laptop computer boxes full of flooring tile.

Now I’m always looking for a good deal on electronics- but somehow my Spider-Sense would start tingling if the deal was to be found in the trunk of a crappy Acura in the middle of Vacaville. Really- who’s falling for this? Or has my Sacramento “big city” street-smarts made me too cunning of an adversary for these flimflammers?

4 thoughts on “Food TV arrest in Vacaville”

  1. Does that explain why my new big screen TV has self-cleaning and broil options? I thought that was strange.


  2. But they do come with a nifty “90 degree tilt” option, plus a handle for easy carrying to the next room. But I’m more mad about the “Prince Alberto in a Can” which turned out to be full of old taco and tortillia shells.


  3. This is very common in the Bay Area. A con artist will list, for instance, a computer on Craigslist. Then, Mr. Cheapskate, who is too cheap to purchase a new computer, answers the ad thinking he’s just gotten a great deal on a high-end computer. But he gets what he pays for when he gets home and opens the box to find it full of bricks. The con artist walks away with cold, hard cash, and it’s nearly impossible to catch these guys.


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