Thank You Note to the Sacramento Bee

ScoopyHere at the ‘Rag, we are quick to take shots at the Bee, but sometimes slow to give credit where credit is due.  So please allow me to take this opportunity to thank the Bee.  For what, you ask?  For having the good taste to pick my name in their drawing for free “Gold Circle” tickets to the Weird Al show.  That’s right, Mrs. Eats and I were right up front for the glory that is Weird Al Yankovic.  Thank you to Scoopy and all the folks at the number one news source in Sacramento.

The concert was, to put it mildly, badass.  Weird Al went for almost 2 1/2 hours, covering recent hits, old favorites and everything in between.  Sitting next to us were two kids, neither more than 9 years old, who told us that this was their first rock concert.  The Mrs. and I were very excited to explain to the kids how things work, like the fact that “rock” concerts don’t always start on time.  Thirty years from now, these men will be talking about how their first concert ever was Weird Al, and I hope they think fondly of “super cool” old people that sat next to them and showed them the ropes.

By the way, we managed to get out of the fair mere minutes before they broke out the riot gear.  Thanks Bee.

2 thoughts on “Thank You Note to the Sacramento Bee”

  1. Weird Al did a Cake-like song, thus pleasing the locals. He fulfilled the minimum number of oh yeahs, ahhhriiights, and uh-huhs in the requisite McCrae tone.


  2. Weird Al was my first rock concert (also at the State Fair), but I was considerably older than those kids. What can I say, I didn’t go to concerts growing up.


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