Prediction for 2008: TRAFFIC

Beginning in the spring of 2008, motorists using Interstate 5 through downtown Sacramento can expect traffic controls and congestion while the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) replaces pavement, improves drainage and installs new wells to keep the river water out between L & S Streets.

I would say that keeping river water out is a good thing-

I-5, 1980

This is a picture of I-5 in January of 1980 when heavy rains and a broken water valve at a nearby water treatment plant combined to flood the highway.  Yummy, untreated sewage and river water-Happy New Year!

And just in case anyone thinks this is a minor, cosmetic fix, keep in mind the contstruction that went into the original highway building and what will be necessary to reinforce it.   Originally, according to CalTrans, “It took engineers several months to get the river water out of the area and construct a concrete seal slab up to 10 feet thick.  To hold that slab in place, they drilled pins more than 80 feet deep.  That was followed by thick retaining walls, drains and pavement.”

So, to think that this will be a quick project is a little overly optimistic of you.  My advice to those of you that live in Elk Grove: start looking for a job in Stockton.

Original Construction-1968

2 thoughts on “Prediction for 2008: TRAFFIC”

  1. Not happy with this news. If they can’t finish before the 2008/09 rains, heading North-South is going to be a pain in the arse once Discovery Park is flooded and everyone is forced to pile onto I5. I travel this stretch daily and don’t know how I’ll get around. Maybe westbound Business 80 to eastbound 80 and past IKEA. Oh wait…traffic over the top has been a bitch as well lately. FABULOUS!


  2. Wouldn’t it be easier to just lower the river? Heck- install a “Sacramento Falls”- the 9th wonder of the world, and latest tourist destination!


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