Sutter’s Fort makes a list!

Sadly, it’s not the list we were hoping for:

From north to south, here are the 48 state parks, beaches, reserves and recreation areas that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to close to help balance the state budget. The parks would be closed until enough money is available to reopen them. The governor’s office also said some parks could be turned over to local governments to operate.

Well hopefully this will help California get out of this pickle and our kids won’t have to suffer any other cuts…

The governor asked the Legislature to cut more than $4 billion from schools, according to a copy of the proposed cuts obtained in advance by The Associated Press. That would require lawmakers to suspend provisions of Proposition 98, the voter-approved initiative that guarantees a minimum funding level for schools.

Yikes! Poor, kids. Well, with the education cuts, I sure hope there is room for these kids in jail

Schwarzenegger also asked for the early release of 22,000 state prison inmates over the next two years. Inmates with less than 20 months remaining on their sentences would be released if they are determined to be “low risk.”

Finally! Some good news.

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18 thoughts on “Sutter’s Fort makes a list!”

  1. The governor plans on cutting 10 billion dollars from health care for the poor, and doing away with dental care for the poor. The only dental care available for poor people is to get their teeth pulled. That’s why so many homeless have missing teeth. There isn’t money for them to get preventative checkups.


  2. I think I read somewhere that having preventative dental checkups ranked 76th on the top 100 list of things most homeless people forget to do. It was right behind “look into this analog to digital television conversion thing.”


  3. I hope they don’t shut the Governor’s Mansion down. I really enjoyed the tour. Nancy Raegan thought the area was too noisy, so the Raegans moved to the Fabulous Forties.


  4. At least we’ll keep funding the illegal Mexicans’ and Guatamalans’ kids who are here going to our schools and getting free health care, which us working Americans pay for. Wouldn’t want them to have to learn English at home (that’s Mexico and Guatamala) or have to suffer a broken finger while up here “being law abiding”… And we should definately keep funding programs for people who continue to have kids while being unmarried and jobless. That’s a high priority on what’ll make society better 20 years from now. I’m feeling so warm ‘n fuzzy just thinking about all the little kids (other than my own or even my own country’s) I’m supporting.
    An’ before you go pointing all “RACIST!”, just figure out what would happen if a illegally present American needed social assistance or wanted free education while “being law abiding” down in Mexico or Guatamala.


  5. I would hesitate to offer any North County Times opinion piece written by Ray Haynes as truth. That “newspaper” is an embarrassment to everyone who lives in the area, even the racists.


  6. Well then feel free to try to convince me that my earned taxed wages (money earned through work, but taken from my paycheck) aren’t paying for non-US citizens’ health care, housing, food, and education (including materials printed in their language), while I’m not able to get the same benefits in their countries, with your own source. All while the govenator has determined that I can’t visit my own state’s parks, and my kids’ education suffers, because there is no money left after the higher priority expenses. Sorry, but the people who live here/live here legally, and pay into the tax base, should get priority in every case.


  7. Uh, illegal immigrants come here to work, and do so. And often taxes are taken out of their paychecks. And, because they don’t file tax returns, they never get any of their taxes refunded. And they never collect on social security or disability or unemployment benefits. So they are paying for the same things your tax dollars are paying for.
    Oh, and if they are being paid “under the table,” the best way to get at that is to go after the employers.


  8. When Guatamalans apply for social services in Mexico, they’re arrested.

    “illegal immigrants come here to work…” the key word is “illegal…” they should get on a waiting list to come here, just like people from all the other countries. Then they will be able to file a tax return, and get a tax refund.


  9. Do I detect a hot romance heating up between Lynn and TS? Or are they same person? In which case do I detect a hot romance heating up between Lynn and TS?


  10. Dirk’s argument is that the measly amount taken from illegals’ paychecks (7% of minimum wage? So $1000 over a year, at most?) through witholding makes up for all the social services they drain from the rest of us? I doubt that. One trip to the ER by ANY illegal family member more than wipes out any gains from the wage earners. And a year in school costs $6000 per pupil. So again, any unrealized withholding gain is more than wiped out by the services they and any family use up. And the best way to go after the illegals is to… GO AFTER THE ILLEGALS. Make it open season along the US southern “boundery.” That would pretty much stop the problem. Elsewhere, scoop em up and drop em off. Maybe mark them (inject a chip?) so if they try again, after a couple of catch & releases, lop off a thumb or maybe take part of the ‘ol liver? Americans have a real opportunity to take care of any organ shortages here… Heck- enough organ donations might even make ’em eligable for a fast track to citizenship (and no pesky long term health care to worry about for us tax-payers)!


  11. TS – your link has “opinion/commentary” in it…nuff said. Anyways, illegal immigrants make up about 20% of the uninsured in the US but only about 10% of unpaid health care so really, most of your hard earned tax dollars goes to good old fashioned American citizens. That should make you feel better.


  12. The employers are doing something illegal too, you know. I’ll just assume that when you refer to people as “illegals”, you’re counting them as well as anyone who breaks any laws, ever. But I guess you can’t blame the employers. I mean, you can’t expect an American businessperson to turn down a chance at cheaper labor, even if it means breaking the law. We must prevent this labor from entering the country so that no employer has to face such irresistible temptation.
    (Illegal immigrants also pay sales taxes, gas taxes, cigarette taxes, etc., by the way. It’s true that, like most poor people with children, they don’t always fully “pay their way”. But they do pay more than poor Americans, without receiving as many benefits.)
    Hey, I dislike illegal immigration, too, but rounding up & deporting 12-15 million people would be a tremendously expensive endeavor, and would severely damage our economy. A path to citizenship makes a heckuva lot more sense to me. (No guest worker programs, though – I’m not a big fan of taxing people who have no representation, for some reason.)
    It is funny to me that people who generally are strong believers in supply & demand choose to ignore its role in all this. Our businesses want something, there is an available supply, but government regulations get in the way. What a shame.


  13. Anonymous surveys show that illegals are FAR less likely than US citizens to apply for any kind of aid – they are deathly afraid of being caught and sent back to their home country. In Texas alone, more than 250 illegals died last year rather than apply for medical care, because they believed that they’d be removed from the US.

    I’d much rather pay for health care and schooling for all rather than what an unhealthy, uneducated person would cost the taxpayers later. The “Canada Plan” solved their immigration problem quite easily.


  14. If you want to help this state, make sure all citizens have health care and housing. Maybe if money wasn’t spent on illegals, there would be enough money for all citizens to have what they need.
    Once all citizens get what they need, there might not be any money leftover to educate illegals… but, the priority should be given to citizens.

    There are limits on the number of immigrants who are allowed into this country, because there is a limited amount of money to pay for the cost of social services for the immigrants.

    From what I’ve read and heard, there are so many pregnant illegals that show up at hospitals, that many hospitals in southern California have shut down. And, there’s a law that gives all children, even illegals, the right to an education. I haven’t heard of illegals who are afraid to go to school.

    There are about 7 million citizens of California who don’t have health care. If you want the people of this state to be healthy, then start by giving all citizens health care. And, all citizens should have housing.

    Once all California citizens have health care and housing, then figure out, with whatever money is left over, how many immigrants this state can take in.


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