In my day we called them “guys” reports that people looking for sex is a growing problem in Citrus Heights. These “cruisers” are targeting local parks, ducking into bathrooms and bushes to get their shwerve on.

It’s not just the restrooms. Citrus Heights Lieutenant Jeff MacKanin says that people will use the bushes to perform sexual acts, raising concerns not only because families use the park, but also for the spread of disease. “We can teach citizens to be our eyes for us,” says Lt. MacKanin. “We can teach them to log information, [especially] citizens who work well with police.”

Log information? Oh, this can’t miss. I can see it now…”Male suspect places female suspect on top of stainless steel toilet…female suspect asks male suspect to place an “ass gasket” down first to prevent the spread of disease…male suspect searches for said protective device…

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  1. I suspect that most, if not all, of these folks having public sex in parks and bathrooms are men having sex with men — especially men who don’t identify themselves as “gay” but instead “I just sometimes have sex with men.”

    Years ago, when I was a volunteer on a Police/Community Task Force, we had to do some pro-active “Don’t do this here kids; get a room, or at least go to your car!” outreach via leaflets and personal contact at Miller Park, since the cops were sending decoys out there to nab gay men doing the nasty in the bushes, and arresting them. After that, all those nabbed were required to register as “sex offenders” for the rest of their lives.

    It’s a whole lot harder to get a woman to have sex in the dirt/bushes then a man… men are SO less picky about their romantic rendezvous locales!

    And having spent two annoying years living in Citrus Heights, I can see why the excitement level of public trysting might be an allure… there ain’t anything else to DO in Citrus Heights except drink and have sex!


  2. When I read the post, I thought that the people in the park likely were gay men who are married and in denial.

    If they can’t get what they want in the park, they’ll probably go to a library or somewhere else. I don’t think that what the police are doing will cut down the spread of disease.


  3. Well they don’t have to worry about getting caught in Citrus Heights. The ‘new’ police department couldn’t catch a cold. We were better off when the sheriff’s department was out here.


  4. Gives new meaning to the phrase “George Michael’s Sports Machine”.

    I have no idea why i just typed that, but I did.


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