A quick reminder…

It’s called “Daylight Saving Time“, not “Savings”. And don’t try to find some article where it’s acceptable to say it now like “irregardless”. Don’t.

And you gain or lose one hour of sleep the first night only when you go to bed and adjust your clocks accordingly (assuming you get up at the same time).

As you were.

Author: RonTopofIt

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6 thoughts on “A quick reminder…”

  1. Or, you can try to find some article where it’s used. That’s another way to go, too.

    Thanks for stopping by, Chief.


  2. It’s much easier on the ol’ circadian rhythm if you make the “time change” in 10 minute adjustments, over 6 days, as opposed to one 1 hour jump. Personally, I make the change over a 29 day (lunar cycle) period, starting 14 or 18.5 days early (depending on the full moon). I just set my clocks ahead by 2 mins. each day, for 29 days. The last day I have to do it by 4 minutes, but I wake up feeling refreashed and at one with Luna. Oh dang- I think I’m 28.5 minutes late for my aromatherapy appointment.


  3. Continuing the fun, the folks over at clusterflock.org referenced this post. Some took issue with my poor use of periods and quotation marks.

    Absinthe on March 9th, 2008This rant would have been more effective if you’d remembered that commas and periods always go INSIDE quotes. Always.

    Thanks for pointing this out, guys! I’ll leave the post as is so folks know what you’re referencing, but will be sure to be more careful in the future.


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