Two Kudos for the Bee

1) Not putting the new Neo Mnemonic movie, “Street Things” on the front page of the Ticket section. Rather than pimp a movie that once again has felt the wrath of Carla Meyer, the editorial staff wisely chose to feature a Second Saturday piece on the Ticket cover. Good choice. And as for Meyer’s review of “Street Wife”: not having seen the movie, I can’t comment on much more than to say that th review, as always, was well written and cogent, even though she subtly lauded Reeve’s and panned my hero, James Ellroy. Normally I’d be fuming about that pairing, but it’s too lovely a day to fume.

2) Giving the A’s just as much page as the Giants. Even though both teams won yesterday, the Bee resisted the temptation (a temptation to which the Bee usually succumbs) to splash a rather pedestrian Giants’ victory all over the sports section while relegating the A’s’ to the back pages. No doubt, the fact that either team has won a game, not to mention three games in a row, is something to celebrate. These are two teams that were described as respectively the worst opening day team ever seen (Giants), and a scrappy bunch of minor leaguers who might have a few thrilling victories amid a sea of shellackings (A’s (and yes, I used the word “Shellackings”)). So it’s nice to see the teams get equal billing on the marquee.

3 thoughts on “Two Kudos for the Bee”

  1. To put things in perspective, there are 162 games in a season and it hasn’t played out as expected for most teams so far. I mean, the Orioles are at the top of the AL East and the Marlins are winning the NL East. Plus the Tigers went 0-7 to start off the season. wtf? Give it til mid May. I think both teams will be kind of bad still, although I’d tend to put more faith in the A’s because of Billy Beane. Brian Sabean is looking like a joke for that Zito contract. By the way, the Giants’ wins over the Padres don’t count. hehe


  2. I spoke too soon. That’s five victories in a row for the A’s (read about on page three of the Sports section), and the front page goes to the Giants (who lost).


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