Quick Bites-Now with more Rocklin

Because some places aren’t worth a full writeup.

Blue Sky Chinese Restaurant-7323 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael
One star

Cute, tiny, friendly, and not very tasty.

The sizzling rice soup was bland, the pot stickers were made with an off-puttingly sweet dough (think pork-filled snickerdoodles), the kung pao shrimp was decent enough, but the ultimate disappointment was the General’s chicken, which was basically sweet and sour chicken with a little extra garlic thrown in.

Sorry, Blue Sky. Cole Porter might think you’re charming, but I’ll take a pass.

Spicy Pickle– 1401 O St., Sacramento
Two stars

For a sandwich shop, it’s perfectly adequate.

For a porn shop (which, let’s face it, the name really lends itself to) it’s severely lacking.

Rudy’s Mexican Gourmet-6011 Stanford Ranch Rd., Rocklin
Three and a half stars

A) This Rudy feller is kind, polite, and makes some damn good food.
B) The kitchen, wide open to the dining area, is spotless, modern, and strangely beautiful, if you’re into that whole commercial, stainless steel kitchen as beauty kind of thing.
C) Rudy might get into trouble for using the Disney trademark font on his menus.
D) The tortilla soup is incredible.

Don’t be surprised if Rudy winds up expanding his one store empire and dotting the NorCal landscape with his fantastic take on the traditional Mexican menu.

Plum Blossom– 1830 J Street, Sacramento
Two stars

One star for the food, which, let’s face it, is only a small step up from Panda Express.

One more very grateful star for putting up with one friend who used their outside patio for a “hey let’s lie down here and get sick” spot, and for putting up with friend number two who likes shouting friendly obscenities and throwing food after he’s had a few.

7 thoughts on “Quick Bites-Now with more Rocklin”

  1. I’ve eaten at Plum Blossom non drunk. The fried rice was a pretty good helping, but overall bland.


  2. 3 things set The Spicy Pickle apart from your typical sandwich spot:

    1 – They also make a thin crust pizza. Pizza, in any form as a bonus, is a plus. And, it ain’t bad.

    2 – They have an incredible variety of condiments. 5 kinds of mayo? 4 kinds of mustard? 5 different type of peppers? Come on, that’s a step above adequate.

    3 – The girl who works there cannot tell the difference between a bottle of beer and a bottle of soda. Flash her the beer (Steelhead Extra Pale Ale, not bad!) and you’ll get charged half price.


  3. Oh yeah, Plum Blossom is disgusting, but the homeless need cheap food, too. If you are in Midtown during reasonable business hours, check out the Tea Cup Cafe, on 21st between P and Q (in the same building as The Press Club). New owners, very tasty.


  4. One of my favorite songs. It’s has upbeat lyrics and speaks of happy times to come BUT it’s in a minor key!


  5. True, but it resolves to major by the end of the A section. Other songs in the same vein (happy but minor): I Found a New Baby and Everybody Loves My Baby (But my Baby Don’t Love Nobody but Me).


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