Concerts of All Hallows – Dvořák and Mozart

Antonin DvorakThe Concerts of All Hallows, one of only 2 Catholic parish full symphony orchestras in the nation, is featuring a double bill this weekend — Dvořák’s Cello Symphony and Mozart’s Grand Mass in C Minor. The concert is at 8pm at All Hallows Catholic Church in beautiful Tahoe Park. I have been noticing signs advertising the concert and then my wife pointed out the bit about the orchestra’s notoreity — the other Catholic parish orchestra is in a little church called St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Come for the orchestral music, stay for the eternal salvation!

The Concerts of All Hallows
Dvořák – Cello Concerto/Mozart – Grand Mass in C Minor
Saturday, May 17 – 8pm
Tickets at

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4 thoughts on “Concerts of All Hallows – Dvořák and Mozart”

  1. Is May “Mozart Month” for the local arts & culture scene? We just took in the Choral Society’s rendition of Mozart’s Requiem last weekend, and it was fantastic. Tell your friends in LA to check it out when they perform there next month.


  2. Support arts in the neighborhood! The All Hallows story is an extraordinary story – a working class parish that elevates art in order to elevate the community. Another tidbit: the parish school is the only Catholic elementary school whose children learn the Latin Mass form via the great composed Masses, taught by professional choir-master and choir-mistress. Go All Hallows Go!


  3. These concerts are fantastic and the vision of a local attorney. He is also the driving force of the new Christo Rey High School and John Paul II Elementry School (tuition-free) – truly a man of vision and persistence. Check out the concert, it will not disappoint!


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