Free ‘Survive I-5 Commuter Pass’

During the I-5 construction project, the Regional Parks Department is offering at no charge a commuter pass to allow commuters to park at Discovery Park or another American River Parkway facility, to cycle or skate to work in downtown Sacramento. The pass will be valid Monday-Friday, and includes all County park facilities along the Parkway (excludes Hagan Park). The Fix I-5 project is scheduled to begin on May 30 and expected to last until early July.

“The ‘Survive I-5 ~ Park and Ride’ Commuter pass program will allow commuters to avoid many of the significant traffic issues that this major repair project will cause, as well as giving them a chance to come out and enjoy biking to work on the parkway for free,” said Jill Ritzman, deputy director of Regional Parks.

The application for this program is available on the Regional Parks home page at Complete the pass and return to ParkInfo@SacCounty.Net, and a printable pass with your name and license number will be returned to you quickly via email. Applicants can also sign up for the pass via the telephone at (916) 875-6961. Passes should be printed and prominently displayed in your vehicle.

Following are the list of guidelines for the Survive I-5 Commuter pass:

– The pass is valid only during the I-5 construction period, Monday-Friday. No weekends.
– Valid only for vehicle entry. Boats or other trailers are not covered by this pass.
– You must park in the designated commuter areas so as not to interfere with other park traffic.
– Only vehicles registered to the address listed on the application are valid.
– Up to three different car license plates can be listed in the application to be displayed on the pass.
– Parks does not guarantee entry into parks that are full, or that this pass will be valid at special events or fee programs.
– The pass must be visible to Parks staff (placed on the dashboard).
– Any unauthorized use of the pass will result in its revocation.

The Survive I-5 Commuter Pass Program is a useful tool to allow downtown commuters to access alternative methods of downtown access.

During or after this program, users will also be able to sign up for a Regional Parks PASSPORT. For $50, the PASSPORT allows users unlimited entry into the regional parks system for a year from the date of purchase. For the daily downtown commuter, the PASSPORT will pay for itself after only 10 visits to the parks.

3 thoughts on “Free ‘Survive I-5 Commuter Pass’”

  1. Could one use the pass to drive through Discovery Park and cross over into Old Sac and Capitol Mall from the back?


  2. Government-encouraged bicycle commuting in Sacramento…in July? Is the Regional Parks Department gonna cover dry cleaning bills, too? Will they be manning stations every 500 yards with bottled water and EMT crews ready to treat people for heat exhaustion? I can just picture the questions from puzzled tourists: “Oh, is this a triathlon?” “Nope, just Tuesday morning rush hour…”


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