You have to play in Sacramento, haw haw

I am by no means a competent NBA analyst, but I did want to point out one interesting tidbit about Chad Ford’s mock draft analysis of the Kings’ #12 pick: His pick is Lionel Mario Chalmers, and his alternate is Roy Hibbert. Not since the draft of 1997 which saw stars like Chris Wiggum and Ted Krustofsky have the Kings chances in the draft been so Simpsons-centric.

But seriously, what do we think of drafting a point guard at #12? FFT, writing on his new domain, says don’t do it because Beno can start. Again I know nothing but for some reason my gut says drafting point guards is a tricky business, especially if you want a player to contribute right away or at least soon.

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8 thoughts on “You have to play in Sacramento, haw haw”

  1. It’s all a huge waste of time, money, and emotional involvment. Professional sports is a pure business, and the players don’t give a sh!t about the cities they end up in. Even the team owners (ahem) don’t care two hoots about what city their teams are in, other than to ensure adequate “revenue stream.”

    If you want to support sports, go to little league games, and cheer those kids on! Donate $50 to the booster club, and get 1000 times more enjoyment out of your buck (for a total of 50,000 enjoyment points). Ref or coach! Take the game back to the pure form of fun and competition, for the sake of fun and competition.


  2. YOu have to draft talent. Pistons are the perfect example. When the don’t (Darko), they bomb. When the drafted the likes of Tayshaun and Stuckey in the late teens, they drafted talent over need–which paid off. Same goes for Jordan Farmar with the Lakers.


  3. The Kings are stuck in a tough situation. They clearly need help at both the point and power forward. Beno is good, but there’s a chance he won’t be back next season due to free agency and they have no one behind him who can truly play point guard. So, Chalmers could make perfect sense. The ideal would be to draft him, re-sign Beno and then bring Chalmers along slowly behind Beno.

    Too bad the team got rid of Brian Skinner, then the Simpsons connection of Skinner and Chalmers would be really fitting.


  4. DB: Does the fact that I know there was a Lionel Chalmers make up for the fact that I don’t know how to read? Only in a magical land where having a memory for NCAA player names you heard one time makes you intelligent I suppose…


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