Fair Food Preview

Click here for more picsRunnergirl, Stickie, and I got a chance to peek around at all the food vendors last night at Cal Expo.  We came away with a few deep-fried nuggets of information that we just have to share.

1.  GELATO-That’s right.  The EYE-talian delicacy makes its way to the food midway.  Trust me you can’t miss it.  Even if the place didn’t offer the “World’s Largest Waffle Cones,” you’d never walk by without noting the flesh colored columns.

2.  NEW DEEP-FRIED TREATS- Chicken Charlie, that fried food innovator has outdone himself this time.  Going back to his roots, especially the concept of deep frying things that started out as totally fattening meals to begin with, Chuck has a new lineup of fried fare for the fair.  New this year are deep-fried White Castle burgers, deep-fried pop tarts, and deep-fried Spam with pineapple sauce.  

3.  BBQ BEEF SANDWICH- It’s still in the same place, on the eastern end of the fairgrounds, across from the petting zoo, on the way to the horse races.  It’s unassuming, with the word “SAUSAGE” most prominently lit on the sign, but trust me, you need to go and get a BBQ beef sandwich on a lard roll with homemade chips this year.  I’m not suggesting, I’m commanding.

5 thoughts on “Fair Food Preview”

  1. Deep-fried Spam with pineapple sauce? Even back in my carnivore days that would have grossed me out.


  2. We (sac-eats, stickie, our two out-of-town friends, and I) noshed on a wide assortment of goods yesterday, including the Spam (decent, if you like Spam), Pop Tart (YUM), S’More (double YUM, in my opinion, but only a mild YUM in sac-eats’ opinion), and White Castle (see comment on the S’more.)

    Something that I never thought that we’d try but went back multiple times? The slushy “wine” concoction in the wine & beer area kept drawing us back, relieving us from some of the heat and humidity.


  3. I’m now going to see how well our new synthetic chamois works on cleaning the cars (proof that you’ll buy just about anything after heat-relieving wine slushies.)


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