Weekend events – SF Outside Lands Festival

Jeff Tweedy
Jeff Tweedy of Wilco

Also known as the most rockinest way to blow $700. The lineup is totally insane… Radiohead, Beck, Wilco, Tom Petty, Jack Johnson for the big names. Broken Social Scene, Cold War Kids, Drive-By Truckers, M. Ward, The Walkmen. Norcal will be represented too, with Cake, Mother Hips and Jackie Greene. Looks like Sean Hayes is going to be there too, I wonder if he’s going to do “Just Jack!”*

No artist has ever played at night in Golden Gate Park before. Radiohead will be the first!

Crazy. Thom and the boys will be playing a 2 hour show on Friday at 8 at the Polo Fields, after Beck rocks the house at Lindley Meadow.

*This joke provided by Stickie

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9 thoughts on “Weekend events – SF Outside Lands Festival”

  1. For ya’ll who don’t want to pay:

    1) As a longtime resident of western SF, I know GGP like the back of my hand, and have never paid for a concert there that I did not want to pay for. If you are creative, you will find a weak spot in the security perimeter. Consider it a challenge.

    2) If you do not feel like going commando on their asses, walk to the top of Strawberry Hill, which is in the middle of Stow Lake. You will hear the show.


  2. “No artist has ever played at night” – Huh? What about Elvis Costello, who kept playing until after 10 pm? And the annual (FREE) Hardly Strictly Bluegrass often goes past that.

    Gillian Welch didn’t even start her set until 9 pm a coupla years ago.


  3. moe: that claim did seem a bit odd to me too. Did the Grateful Dead do lunchtime shows back in the day?

    This ABC news article sez “For the Outside Lands Musical Festival, it’s the first time the music will continue after the sun goes down.”

    Is that what the Outside Lands people meant? Do they know what words mean?


  4. Actually, yes, the Dead played GGP during the daytime.

    Not positive, but i don’t think they ever did an evening show there, even when they would do festivals at Kezar.

    GGP has a looooooooooooooooong history of not allowing evening shows.


  5. GGP policy was not to allow evening shows, but they didn’t chase Elvis Costello off stage when he came back for his third, hour-long encore, long after dark.

    I really don’t quite understand how they make that claim when plenty of concerts have “continued after nightfall.” Weird.


  6. I believe the claim was strictly for marketing purposes and it seemed to work as you all are talking about it.


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