State Fair – Closing Weekend!

Ah, how time flies. This year, the California State Fair had a shorter run than in past years, so we’ve had to pack in our allotment of free concerts, fried food and big fun into only two weeks. As usual, the Fair closes after Labor Day, so make the most of the weekend if you are in town!

There are a few more attractions that I wanted to point out in case you have not had a chance to catch them.

Arial plants a wet one on TracyThe Sea Lion Encounter gives you the chance to play with, take a photo with, and get kissed by a California Sea Lion. All proceeds are for charity, so go take the rare opportunity to smell a little fishy, but in a good way. This exhibit is next to the track, where thoroughbred racing continues all weekend.

The Stars of the Peking Acrobats show is just damn cool. Don’t miss their breathtaking stunts.

Speaking of breathtaking, the bungee jump crane has a new option. For only $5, you can ride up in the crane and watch someone take the plunge. Quite thrilling, plus you get a great aerial view of Cal Expo.

The CSI: Live show is…well, a little odd. It combines morbid humor, audience participation, and some actual investigative science. I enjoyed it, but I am not sure how much it is breaking through the clutter of the 1001 Fair activities, especially since it is tucked away under the Expo Center on the Lagoon near the pizza kitchen. Ooh, on the subject of pizza, that’s the big food bargain, especially if you have kids. A 12″ pizza is only $7-$11, depending on your topping choices.

Friday and Labor Day are both wristband days, with unlimited rides for $30!!! Saturday is the California Karaoke Championship, with prelims all day and the finals at 8pm.

If you want to see professional singers, tonight is Grand Funk “We’re an American Band” Railroad, and Sunday is Cristian “I’m a Latino Superstar” Castro.

Have big fun before the 2008 California State Fair is just a memory!

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  1. Stabbin’ and slashin’, shootin’ and stompin’… Represent Your Sofistikated Killin’ Kulture ’08 is this Saturday night if you are into it. Unless you are one of them “undesireable” types the Bee was talking about: Micky Rooney, don’t bother comming, I guess? Don’t want anyone making fun of other Kultures now…


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