Best Band in Sacto?

I went to the Chalk It Up festival on Saturday to meet up with an old friend and to enjoy the nice weather and chalk art. But I also was going to check out some of the bands that were playing. 

That’s a change from this festival in the past. Before, the music was kinda hippy-dippy, singer-songwritery, lightweight poppy stuff. I have nothing against that kind of music, but it just don’t float my boat.

But my boat got floated Saturday afternoon. I managed to catch two good acts, The Generals and Lite Brite, and one band that may be the best band in Sacramento right now: Pets.

I sat there during Pets’ set and wondered to myself why they are not making a splash yet on the national scene. They’ve got a great look with sex appeal, cool vibe, and most important of all, a great sound. If you took The Jesus and Mary Chain and turned them into a more dance-oriented sound, that’s what you’d get.

Best of all, if you ever talked with Derek or Allison – the couple that comprise Pets – you’d discover they are two of the nicest people you’d want to meet.

Somebody sign these two to a recording contract and put them out on the national scene…now!