CBS13’s awesome credit fraud advice

amexCBS13 has some timely advice for victims of the latest credit card scam, which unfortunately has ties to a local sham company. (My transcript from the video below)

CBS13: Criminals actually tapping into credit cards and charging people for things they didn’t buy. … Investigators say these worldwide complains have been traced right back here…. Officials say this could be just the tip of the iceberg…

CBS13: Opening her American Express bill, [Granite Bay resident Amy Galloway] found charges from a company she’d never heard of called 24 Hour Corp.

Galloway: I finally called American Express and said can you check this out?

CBS13: They did, and credited her account….

Barry Goggin, CEO, Better Business Bureau chimes in with some helpful advice:

Goggin: The bottom line reality is that people have to check their credit card statements.

The 11:00 broadcast I saw was even more helpful, claiming that checking your statement was the only way to prevent this from happening to you.

Amy Galloway: Thanks for the tip, Einstein!!!

(My transcript from what I assume she thought when she saw the story.)

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “CBS13’s awesome credit fraud advice”

  1. Yeah… saw that last night, that was pretty lame stuff, really. Pretty weak, that being all they can offer as “help and advice”.


  2. Man, she even racked her brain for 10 days, too!

    The Access Hollywood move of constantly moving the anchors to parts of the newsroom is classy, too.

    “We recently caught up with the registered sex offender and here’s what he had to say!”


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