A geek’s dream weekend

Wil WheatonMy geek credentials are seriously lacking, but even I can tell that this weekend is pretty much a star-loving geek’s dream right here in River City. With a capital T, and that rhymes with W, and that stands for Wheaton.

Friday and Saturday it’s From the Land Beyond, Sacramento’s horror and sci-fi show. Meet Wil Wheaton and Doug Jones, and (for your Battlestar geeks out there) not only THE Richard Hatch, but also Chief (and Final Fiver) Galen Tyrol himself Aaron Douglas!

Sunday it’s the one-day-only Sacramento Comic, Toy and Anime show, featuring an encore appearance by Wil Wheaton and none other than Billy West, star of Futurama and star/ruiner of Ren & Stimpy (depending on whom you talk to).

Looks like both of these events are held frequently, but I thought this guest list was worth mentioning. Note to the organizers of these events: Please see about scheduling LeVar Burton one of these years. My kids are big “Reading Rainbow” fans and meeting LeVar would blow their minds.

Author: CoolDMZ

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4 thoughts on “A geek’s dream weekend”

  1. I am really hoping that it will be “Former Battlestar Galactica Stud Captain Apollo” Richard Hatch, not “Former Naked Tax-Dodging Survivor Winner” Richard Hatch.

    Billy West should be acknowledged for his many, many, many works of awesomeness, not for his brief stink…er..stint replacing John K as Ren Hoek. Nickelodeon’s firing of John K was indisputably the death of that show, not because of Billy’s replacement as Ren’s voice but because the writing and style was so dramatically different, and by different, I mean super-crappy. I’ll bet Billy would even agree with me on that one.


  2. You are too modest. Your have geek cred. Just your picture establishes that! 😉

    Hey!! Wil Wheaton stole my sweater!


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