Deftones Bassist Critically Injured

Chi Cheng, founding member of Sacramento’s Grammy-winning Deftones, is currently in a coma in a San Jose hospital after an auto accident yesterday in Santa Clara.

There are no additional details at this time.

8 thoughts on “Deftones Bassist Critically Injured”

  1. The Deftones blog reports that the accident was last night and that Chi is in “serious, but stable condition” which is very good news considering the possible alternatives.


  2. The Deftones are reporting that the doctors treating Chi are optimistic about his recovery.

    The Cheng family thanks everyone who is praying for Chi and asks you to keep sending positive energy.


  3. More good news. Chi is responding positively to a few tests, including demonstrating that he can both hear and have reflex response.

    He is still heavily sedated.


  4. Chi is breathing on his own, but is still hooked up to a respirator, and is responding to conversation with eye movement.

    This is all good news.


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