Sacramento Trivia Alert!

When we’re not asking the tough questions and searching for the right answers, we enjoy us some Sacramento trivia. With all the tension surrounding the state of the world right now, we were thrilled to hear from “Anna in Sacramento” today.

Anna writes (in my best Casey Kasem voice)…

Dear Sac Rag,

“Okay, we’re having a fit of nostalgia here in the office/random memory (very random!). Can anyone name/remember the bands that played at KWOD’s 1998 Summer Concert at Arco Arena (also known as the show that Green Day canceled because their drummer got bonked on the head by one of the guys from Third Eye Blind)?”

There’s not a ton of information on the InterWeb, so what say all you thirtysomethingers out there?

Author: RonTopofIt

RonTopofIt is a complex personality, as are most of the small breed of modern day renaissance millionaires. He wishes more people were like him and yet believes that it takes all kinds. You've met RonTopofIt many times, you just don't remember him.

7 thoughts on “Sacramento Trivia Alert!”

  1. I remember this concert like it was yesterday. For the wrong reasons.

    Blink 182 became the impromptu headliner. The Wallflowers played. Save Ferris! Black Lab, I think …

    Actually, I remember the Twisted Christmas show more vividly … the second show Green Day cancelled (illness, I believe). Rancid cancelled too. Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Harvey Danger (gag), Soul Coughing, Everlast … I actually think Harvey Danger and Soul Coughing had a spat, if I remember correctly.


  2. Nice work! Man, and in record time, too.

    Anna, if you are out there, Ziller has sent this long distance dedication to you.

    Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!


  3. I was an on-air personality at the time on KWOD. Save Ferris was excellent! I thought Cake played too. Maybe that was Twisted Christmas…I don’t remember.


  4. Love it!
    I do feel old… somehow my inner 16 year old is really upset with the nearly 30 year old soul-less person that i’ve turned into.
    I do remember Everlast and Soul Coughing but I had forgotten about the Wallflowers at the Summer Show!
    Thank you all for your help!



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