Theus Out!

According to sources close to The Sac Rag, Reggie Theus has been fired as coach of the Sacramento Kings.

I hate to see this as I was a big fan of Reggie’s being the coach of the team. I thought he’d add some style to the otherwise dull franchise. What he’s added, however, is a lot of numbers in the loss column.

Are the Kings uncoachable? Are they just terrible? Does anyone care anymore?

11 thoughts on “Theus Out!”

  1. Love the pic. Nothing like having people walk by your office and see that on your screen. Sorry, but no amount of “but its a story about the Kings losing their coach” is going to get you out of that one.


  2. I concur on the “do not care anymore” cuz they are laughable as a team now, at least to me, but then again, i like hockey more lately, so i could just be insane.


  3. The last Kings game I saw was when I was in and in person. I had not watched them in a couple of years. I began to lose interest when they let Vladi go.

    I think the Maloof’s should be fired. Their mom looks like a bar fly!


  4. It is truly amazing to see how fast people abandoned the kings bandwagon. When I first moved to Sacramento, you couldnt go anywhere without people yelling in bars or restaurants during a Kings game.

    A question though to anyone who still goes to games, do they still say the crap during the 4th quarter, “this is arco arena, the loudest arena in the nba” ? or is it too awkward now that the stands are half empty.


  5. It is amazing that folks abandoned this team after only 23 years of nearly selling the place out every night. We are fair-weather fans. Or are we exhausted, dispirited fans? Hmmmm, tough call.


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